La Riviera Ligure


Rumour has it that the name Camogli derives from the Italian words ‘casa’ (home) and ‘moglie’ (wife) as it was whilst the men went to sea that the women took care of the daily goings on. Today it is a charming seaside town with a large beach, restaurants, shops and a weekly market selling fresh fruit and vegetables. Apartments on the ‘prima fila’ seafront are highly desirable as the views are spectacular and everything is on your doorstep. Villas in the surrounding hills are also sought after as they offer privacy, gardens and sea view.

Santa Margherita

A favourite place for the fashionable Milanese to buy second homes, Santa Margherita is an elegant seaside resort with boutiques, restaurants, bars, beach and harbour. There is high demand here for property in the right location with the right characteristics. Some very important villas can also be found nestled among private gardens near the waters edge or standing impressively in the hills overlooking Portofino.


Undoubtedly the jewel of Liguria, recognised worldwide for its charm and natural beauty, Portofino has an exclusive clientele. With the sea glittering and the sun glowing on the pastel coloured buildings it is the epitome of timeless elegance. One of the reasons that it remains such a special place is because no new houses have been built here since 1935 and the surrounding parkland is a protected area. Consequently the property market is in a league of its own with apartments on the famous ‘piazza’ going for price per window with a view whilst there are glamorous villas in the hills, hidden from the public eye.


Stretching from Pegli to Nervi along the Roman coastal road lies Genova, an impressive maritime city seeped in history. With an airport and international schools it is increasingly becoming a cosmopolitan place whilst still preserving one of the largest historical centres in Europe. Divided into original quartieres, each with individual characteristics the property market here varies greatly. Areas such as Albaro, Castelletto, Carignano or Nervi have a strong local community whilst still being easily accessible to the centre.