Living in London

London is a city undergoing one of the most exciting moments in its history, in 2010 it became the most visited city in the world and in 2012 played host to the Olympic Games.

One of the financial and cultural capitals of the world, London is also home to some of the most prestigious universities, business schools, museums and art galleries. It plays an important role on the musical stage and hosts international-level sporting events: Wimbledon for tennis, Lords for cricket, and Premier League football. Thanks to five international airports and fast rail links to the continent, it has become one of the best known cities in the world. All of these reasons make London a unique destination and contribute to an interesting and dynamic Real Estate market.

The London real estate market has attracted overseas investments of £5.2 billion. Limited supply and constant high demand means that property here is desirable for those looking for stability in this worldwide period of uncertainty. Price trends for prime London property continue to rise. For all the latest figures and forecasts please contact us and we will send you details or follow us on twitter to keep updated with market developments.

Latest figures show that Italians have bought 8% of the London real estate market.

Investors appreciate the stable history and potential for long term capital growth.

Buying property in a prime London location can bring enjoyment of both the short and long term benefits: feeling at home in London whilst knowing that your capital is secure and will increase over time thanks to continual growth in the London property market.

With a large supply of tenants and higher than average rents, London is currently one of the best locations for a buy-to-let investment. Rental demand remains steady as there is a shortage of property as would-be buyers struggle to raise deposits to buy their own homes. Contact us for details of the latest buy-to-let properties for sale across London.

LandCo offers a personalised property finding service appointing a dedicated consultant to each client. After an initial meeting, where individual requirements are established, your consultant will then thoroughly search the market sourcing suitable property and assist in every step towards the purchase of your property in London.